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Why Us?

From Humble Beginnings - About Sound Connection

Sound Connection has been in the electronics industry for the past 30 years. In 1994, we decided to specialize in car audio, home theater, and customer service, therefore Sound Connection was born. Our commitment to quality sales and service is unparalleled. Our certified installers give us the confidence to offer warranty on our installations. It is our goal to ensure our shoppers receive an excellent shopping experience with a trained salesmen, fast delivery and installation, and superior customer service.

With more than five thousand products in stock, an award winning project and management team, Sound Connection proudly earns the loyalty of audiophiles and home theater enthusiasts alike. At Sound Connection, we believe service begins as soon as you visit our website. We follow through on this pledge to ensure you shop with excellent customer service on our site. Our team at Sound Connection is available via phone and e-mail to ensure you shop with the utmost satisfaction.

We'll make it easy for you!

Designing and installing an elaborate home theater or a multi-room distributed audio and video system isn’t easy, and it certainly isn’t something you can do out of the back of a van. We have many years of experience in both car audio and home theater installations. With this said we are more than capable to take your current space and turn it into your personal Home Theater.

It takes lots of thoughtful pre-planning, hours of tedious follow up, and plenty of plain hard work. To make sure we do every system the way it’s supposed to be done, we follow a four-step process where we will be able to give you a home theater experience where you want it, how you want it and when you want it.

Our 4-Step Design Process

Step 1: Home & Plan Evaluation

It starts with our first meeting with you, the customer, when we’ll discuss exactly what it is that you are looking to accomplish and what it might take to do so. Then, if it’s an existing home or one that’s currently under construction, we’ll do a physical walk through of the property to let us see firsthand the space in which we’ll be installing the system. If the home is still in the blueprint phase, we encourage you to let us see the blueprints as early as possible. Often we can make suggestions for changes that will cost a lot less to do on paper than in wood and drywall.

Step 2: Design & Engineering

After we’ve gone over all the system, and install-related particulars, we’ll put together a comprehensive proposal covering what we intend to do and the costs. Of course, we won’t just plop the proposal on the desk and expect a yes or no answer. We’ll go over the entire package with you and work with you to make any changes that might be necessary to provide a system that’s the perfect one for your home.

Once you accept the proposal and provide the appropriate deposit, the Project Management team will take over. One of their many duties includes staging the equipment for your installation in our warehouse so it’ll be ready when the time comes for the installers to do what they do best – installing equipment.

Step 3: Pre-wire

  • If your home is under construction, we can run A/V wires and cables throughout the home before the walls have been closed in for your future use.
  • If your home is already built, we use plenty of strategy and effort to run your wires to make sure they get to where they are supposed to go while not visible.


Step 4: Installation & Demonstration

Once all the wiring is completed and the walls are closed in, we’ll put in the fun stuff, such as the in-wall speakers and the flat-panel TVs on the wall. We’ll mark and bundle the connecting cables, and we’ll program the remote controls or the automation system.After the installation and finish-out is completed, the Sound Connection installation team will demonstrate the system and educate you and your family on how to use and enjoy the system.

We're still here for you!

But our involvement doesn’t end there after the installation! We’re always just a phone call away to provide on-going support in case of a system malfunction – or if you simply forget how to do something.

If you would like more information on our Custom Installation services, click here to contact us.